I’m back!

Hi all,

I sure haven’t posted on this site for over 2 years! My apologies for not being proactive on this site.

Ever since my move to San Jose, I have focused on living my life, whether it is visiting local spots, writing for Last Token Gaming, focusing on my current job, volunteering for geeky conventions like Fanime, and taking care of other personal things.

While I have been more focused on living life in San Jose, and working hard to stay in the South Bay, I have lost track into what I have been passionate about: software development, but mostly making games.

But I am planning on going with a different direction. During my time with Android app development, I have googled many results, with not a lot of results, and taking more time to develop features than I wanted to. While some solutions work, they can’t work for everybody. Which is why I want to share my solutions online so that any Android Developers who faced the same problems hopefully won’t take as long to make things work as it took me.

Of course, this applies to Game development, which I’m looking into investing my time at some point in the future!

Anyways, look forward to more posts in the future!

Header Image Credit goes to joshdill from DeviantArt. Good stuff!

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