Bo & Yana: A dynamic duo to help a child learn programming while having fun!

Hello again lovelies!

My apologies for a late post! I have been busy since the later part of last week because I was in a mix of different things, including my brother’s graduation from Chiropractor School, my apprenticeship course on programming in Java, and interview with a company named SOASTA (which didn’t go well).

I want to make corrections that I have made on my previous posts.

In the post I have made about Google Fiber, it has brought to my attention that the speed of the internet is measured in bits per second, not bytes per second. So Google Fiber runs 1 Gigabit per second. Bits and bytes do make the difference in terms of speed (8 bit =  1 byte). So the numbers are off in terms of time as well so I apologize for providing inaccurate information. A 10Mbps user would get Walking Dead season 3 in about 9 minutes while a Google fiber user would get it in 5.5 seconds(but still fast!!!)

And on my last post, I want to verify that when I said PS4 lacked of original titles, I was talking about in terms of AAA titles, like Ryse: Son of Rome for Xbox One. I forgot to add the ‘aside from indie games’ right after mentioning its lack of titles and I apologize for that as well. I will be more careful next time when I make future posts.

Without further ado, I want talk about something I recently discovered that I think it is really awesome (with bias aside, as I am a programmer myself). I was going to cover Amazon Prime flight drones, but I find this more fascinating because it can help make teaching kids programming easier on the parents. If you want me to cover Amazon Prime drones in a future posting, let me know!

We all know that the tech industry is booming. In about 10 years, the technology would expand significantly as we will have more devices and systems to operate with in our daily lives to make things easier, which means more technical/programming jobs are needed to be filled in. If you want to excel at anything, like piano playing or construction, then it would be best to start early at a young age. Kids who are aspiring to be great pianists should start with a piano, or the closest thing that their parents could afford to a piano. Kids who want to build things should be given Legos of some sort to play with. How about when you want to teach your kids programming? Well writing lines of code could be fun for people 16+ given the right mindset, but tykes at age 7 would rather play with Legos or other toys than to sit at a computer and learn how to write lines of code. This is where Bo and Yana come in.

Stepping into the playground are Bo and Yana! Bo is a bigger robot built for following programming commands from children and Yana, the smaller robot, has the capabilities of storytelling!

Stepping into the playground are Bo and Yana! Bo is a bigger robot built for following programming commands from children and Yana, the smaller robot, has the capabilities of storytelling!

Play-i’s Bo & Yana are both toy robots that are designed to teach kids programming through interactive storytelling in a way that is appealing for kids. Now how exactly could the kids program the robots? Well, the kids interact with Bo by using a iPad device. You’d just have to worry about connecting Bo to iPad via bluetooth and the child is ready to play! The iPad app allows the kid to program commands through different icons. Kids can create a combination of icons that can make the robot do many things, such as turning right and moving forward when it bumps to a wall. There are also a variety of accessories for the robots that open even more possibilities of interaction . I’ll leave a video here so you can see more of what these two cute robots do:

Another cool thing about this is when the kids get older and want to expand their coding skills, there is a way you could do that. Parents have many options of different programming languages they could program into these robots, so they could learn Python or C++ or whatever languages the parents desired.

If you are ever so curious about getting these robots now, Play-i is currently taking pre-orders for their product. They have already sold out the developer packs where you could get the API to tinker with the robots’ functionalities (and define the programming language) along with Bo and Yana. But other options are still open, and it is wise to get the pre-order now, as the prices will increase when they hit retail shelves in Summer 2014.

What do you guys think about teaching kids programming? I feel that these robots would be great for your kid if you want them to learn programming to order for them to make a good living for themselves (that is, if you want them to go on the path of programming). There is a possibility that kids could play with this indoors all of the time and not spend enough time outside. Of course, that could be fixed by making them spend a certain amount of time outside (with or without Bo and Yana). If I was a 7 year old child, I would spend my free time with Bo & Yana(aside from video games) if iPads existed back in the day, remembering that I loved toys that allowed interaction in my earlier years.

That is all I have for this week. I wanted to show off a personal game project that I have been working on, but I have been busy with many affairs on the side, including an apprenticeship class that I’m currently taking and tinkering around with a couple of existing projects. I can tell you as of my last post that I have made some progress on it, but not as much progress as I would have liked. Hopefully, when my apprenticeship is over on Dec. 21 or Dec. 22, the pace will then pick up. I can promise that when I reveal my personal game project, that I’ll have a prototype ready for you guys to play with it! In the meantime, I can show off what I have been tinkering with hopefully on my next post!

Until then, don’t be strangers!